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Flight Experience/Introductory Lessons (Formally “Trial Lesson”)

The Flight Experiences is the ideal way to experience flying in a light aircraft for the first time. Many people start with a introductory lesson and then decide whether or not flying is for them. Mind you, many people have a introductory lesson just to experience the unequalled view and excitement that a flight in a light aircraft offers together with the opportunity to take the controls.

PPL Course


A PPL is a Private Pilots Licence. It entitles the holder to fly specific light aircraft, over most of the world. It has a few restrictions, although all PP’s (private Pilots) are aware of these. You can take various extra courses to add new ratings to your licence to remove these restrictions. These include; IR (R) (formally IMC), Night Rating and an Aerobatics rating.

To gain a UK PPL, the following are the minimum required:

  • 45 hours flight time, of which at least 10 must be solo.
  • A valid Class 2, or Class 1 medical certificate.
  • Must have passed 9 written exams.
  • Must have passed a Skills Test.
  • Must have passed the RT (Radio Telephony) practical.

To receive instructional flying you must be at least 14 years of age.

To fly solo you must be 16 and 17 to gain your licence. There is no upper age limit.

IR(R) Course (Formerly IMC)


The IR (R) formerly “IMC” (Instrument Meteorological Conditions) course is aimed at UK PPL pilots and is valid in the UK only. It provides a fundamental understanding of instrument flying and navigation, and can greatly increase the accuracy and safety of any flight.

The privileges of PPL(A) with an IR(R)  IR(R) rating are:

  • To fly out of sight of the surface
  • In a control zone on a special VFR clearance with flight visibility less than 10km but not less than 3km
  • When in IMC outside controlled airspace
  • During take off or landing with a flight visibility below cloud of not less than 1800m.

An applicant for a grant of an IR(R) rating must have 25 hours experience as an aeroplane pilot since the date of application of his/her PPL(A). The 25 hours must include 10 hours as pilot-in-command (PIC), of which at least 5 hours must be on cross-country flights, and may include the 15 hours’ dual instrument instruction.

When the requirements have been met, the applicant must have passed a flight test and 1 written ground exam before an IR(R) rating can be issued.

Night Rating


To enable the Private Pilot to fly at night, a course of 5 hours flying training is undertaken. The course will highlight the additional pre-flight considerations and differences involved in operating an aeroplane at night, as well as teaching the specific handling techniques required.

The course comprises

Five hours night flying, including at least three hours dual instruction.

One hour cross-country navigation and five solo take-offs and five full-stop landings.


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