Our Fleet

Cessna 172 Four Seater. Ideal for taking passengers on your “Flight Experience”, share the fun!


Cessna 152 Two Seater. When you have achieved your PPL and want to fly alone, then why not.

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Cessna 152 Two Seater. Perfectly capable aircraft to fly IR (R) Instrument flying or night flying.

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Fancy a cool flight in a helicopter?

The Schweizer/Hughes 300cbi is one of the most widely-used training helicopters in the world. Originally designed and developed by Hughes Aircraft for the US Army as a training helicopter, the Schweizer (now manufactured by Sikorsky) has a reputation for power, performance, and a forgiving nature that makes it the perfect training helicopter.

The helicopter will be flown by a qualified private pilot or commercial pilot but not an instructor. This is not a trial lesson. The pilot will explain how all the flight controls work and provide a detailed explanation of the aircraft.

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