“Flying lesson for her 100th birthday!!!”

BB649C1A-0B06-4C7F-A395-9C29638E3684Just wanted to thank Howard and everyone at Seawing for fulfilling my nan’s wish for a flying lesson for her 100th birthday!!! She thoroughly enjoyed it.You were all amazing and now we are wondering what she will be wanting to do for her 101st!!!!!

Julie Steadman 8th September 2019

“Super flying club offering a warm welcome”.

Super flying club offering a warm welcome. Highly recommended.

Jamie Popplewell 23rd August 2019

“Unforgettable experiences. I will definitely be back”

Working towards my PPL in NZ and came to Seawing as I used to live in Southend. Incredibly friendly and helpful staff. Had a great flight with Eric and an awesome trip to North Weald with Howard. Unforgettable experiences. I will definitely be back next year. Thanks so much to everyone.

Sarah Sharpe 17th July 2019

They are so helpful

They are so helpful and lovely to meet and talk to x

Darren Cook 25th April 2019

Fantastic introductory flying lesson with Howard!

Fantastic introductory flying lesson with Howard and the team at Seawing Flying Club! Very professional and felt completely comfortable and at ease with the experience. Beautiful day and a great route down over the Thames and up to Chelmsford. Has definitely inspired me to try for my PPL!


Micheal Compton 20th April 2019

Highly recommended & super fun!

Got this experience as a birthday present and loved every second. I took 2 friends on the plane with me and the pilot makes you feel at ease and the experience turned out to be a lot less scary than I thought. Great value for money! Thank you.


Ella Stone 23rd March 2019

Great People There!

Great people there! amazing story’s, kind, helpfully and funny. flying was fun and really taught me alot about flying in a Cessna and around essex. 10/10 (also great tea)

Torin Howell 29th December 2018


Amazing trial lesson with fabulous pilot Howard!! Thank you for a great day:)

Julia Koslova 1st September 2018

“What a fantastic gift for my birthday… a flying lesson at Seawing!”

What a fantastic gift for my birthday… a flying lesson at Seawing! After arriving at the club nervous about going up I was instantly put at ease with the offer of a cup tea and chats with other members. Howard my instructor was professional and friendly and explained the workings of the plane before we got in. Take off was effortless and soon we were up in the air taking in the fantastic views of Leigh, Canvey and the Thames estuary. We even managed to spot our house! Howard showed me how to use the controls and I found myself able to steer the plane. All in all it was a fabulous trip especially as my family were able to come along too to enjoy the views. Thank you to all at Seawing…what a fabulously friendly club.

Emma Chapman 22nd July 2018

“Always welcoming, everything you need for training, renting and more.”

I have been flying on and off at Seawing Flying Club since 1989, when I got my licence (Private Pilot’s Licence). A nice place, reasonably priced as flying clubs go, with social activities too, food and drink available and always willing to welcome new (and old) people to experience the delights of flying about in little airplanes. You can gain your pilot’s licence and extra (add on) ratings here, flying in the clubs Cessna 152s. They also have a Cessna 172 for pilots to rent out. All in all, if you want to experience flying, get your PPL or rent out planes if you already have a licence, then try Seawing at Southend Airport. Happy landings!

Liam Mariscotti 21st July 2018

“Highly recommend this outfit…”

Happy All we were looking for was an aerial excursion to see the Dover cliffs. What we got was that plus an entertaining and informative first flying lesson with our instructor, Howard. Highly recommend this outfit as they are cordial, professional and fun. — at Seawing Flying Club

Paul Santori 19th July 2018

“Seawing is an amazing flying club”

Seawing is an amazing flying club, they took me under their wings and Harry, a technical and experienced instructor, thought me to fly and acheive my PPL(A). I was a special case; based in Dubai, flew in monthly for weekly lessons! It did pose challenges at times, but as they say, “if there’s a will, there’s a way”. Also Harry and the club kept me inspired and wanting to achieve my lifelong dream of learning to fly. Now that I have achieved my ppl, I’m planning to convert it in Dubai and Sri Lanka, so I can continue to fly and remain current. Thanks for all the support, miss the club and friends, see you all soon!

Ahmed Afrose 22nd June 2018

“I achieved my PPL with Seawing in 1987”

I achieved my PPL with Seawing in 1987 on the back of a Flying Scholarship from the RAF.

When I returned to re-certify in 2013 after an absence from flying of over 20 years I found Seawing still to be the fantastically friendly and professional club I remembered from my earlier training.

It’s a members’ club as well as a training establishment and this brings with it a warmth and friendliness lacking in some other training establishments.

There’s no such thing as a silly question when it comes to continually improving your flying skills and knowledge and everyone at Seawing helps everyone else, taking the time to ensure you feel comfortable, welcomed and in good hands.

This applies irrespective of the nature and level of the training you’re after or even if you’ve just popped in for a cup of tea!

Simon Taylor 4th October 2013